Courses at CTIER

Design and Evaluation of Innovation Policies (DEIP)

A short training program on the design and evaluation of innovation policies,which focuses on measurement and identification of innovation indicators, and implications for policy. This course is open to policy makers in relevant ministries of the Government of India, and other technology supporting institutions, academia and industry.

The DEIP 2017 was jointly organized by the Centre for Technology Innovation and Economic Research (CTIER) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) with support from the United Nations University- Maastricht Economic and social Research and training centre on Innovation and Technology, The Netherlands (UNU-MERIT).

Course on Economics of Innovation

The Course on the Economics of Innovation and Technology is intended to provide students with insights into the role played by technology in promoting economic growth and an understanding of the incentives and regulations needed to foster innovation. It will also examine concerns that are often associated with technology transfers through trade, or rising wage inequalities as a result of technology adoption. The course will have a balanced mix of theoretical foundations and empirical analysis and will introduce students to research methodologies and econometric techniques used in the literature, focusing on how they are relevant in context of the Indian economy.