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Our national innovation system needs an integrated approach between academia, industry and government to promote investment in R&D and get technological deepening right. We need your ideas and support to help the work we do.

A few principles are sacrosanct for the Centre:

We intend the Centre to be completely autonomous. As such, we seek funding from widespread sources to avoid being beholden to one or two organizations.

The Centre will focus on empirical research, to provide for data and evidence-based policy analysis.

Institutional impact
We seek to improve the quality of economic research and teaching in the country, to give it policy focus, and to incorporate understanding of technical change as an essential component.

Policy impact
The Centre will not merely do research and play an academic role, but seek by design to inform policy, by engaging directly with policy makers and indirectly through print media.

Researchers- Access to industry and data
- Assistance in Research
- Access to a network of experts and researchers
Government- Policy briefs
- Information and analysis for bureaucrats
Students- Certificate course on Economics of Innovation
- Interactions with policy experts
- Research internships
Industry- Research insights on innovation trends in India
- Policy updates and recommendations
- Access to repository of data and useful graphs

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"CTIER is a dynamic organization working closely with the industrial sector to stimulate and promote innovation and technological change in India. United Nations University-MERIT (UNU-MERIT) conducted a 5-day training workshop called Design and Evaluation of Innovation Policies (DEIP) in collaboration with CTIER and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in Pune. Having a counterpart like CTIER had a positive impact on the training as they were able to mobilize firms and government officers who are often very difficult to bring together in the same room to discuss the future of India’s innovative and technological transformation. We at UNU-MERIT hope to collaborate with CTIER should there be any new activities on the subject of innovation."

-Dr.Michiko Iizuka, Researcher, UNU-MERIT

KEM Hospital Research Center, Pune